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    =/\= Department of Xenopathology, Timmis Medical Complex, Atlantia =/\=

    The veritable swarm of personnel and equipment that now infested the
    seldom used Department of Xenopathology reflexively parted as the Chief
    of Plant Operations, Commander Jeffrey Ormond, made his way down the
    corridor. Five years older, fifteen pounds heavier, and two additional
    children's worth of hair grayer, he was still typically on top of his
    game. In his position he was expected to be up to date on all the
    rumors and workings of the complex, and heretofore his skills - and
    contacts - had served him well. Until now. Various technicians he had
    never met pushed cases of unknown equipment passed him down the corridor
    and into a secured area just out of view, further raising his ire.
    "Five years here you'd think they would've at least given me the decency
    of a memo," he grumbled, as he continued to investigate. Before he
    could reach the eye of the storm, he felt a tap on his uniformed
    shoulder. Ormond instinctively turned.

    "Ah, commander. I was wondering when exactly you'd make your way down
    here." Administrator Vaughn, the man tasked with the overall operation
    of the complex, smiled politely and nodded. "I had meant to tell you,
    but honestly it all happened so quickly. The ship arrived in orbit mere
    hours after the authorizing paperwork did. There was barely enough time
    to move what few tenants we had in this wing before the first equipment
    materialized in the transporter room."

    Ormond listened to the story and placed his hand on Vaughn's shoulder,
    gently nudging him to one side as another caravan of carts came down the
    hall. "This is, after all, your show, sir. It's just peculiar to me.
    Especially given the amount of equipment they're bringing in. Are there
    any special accommodations that I need to make? Power, computing,
    environmental? I just would've thought they would've needed something
    from my department."

    "All I need from your department, commander," responded a voice from the
    crowd, "if that you keep the lights on, the water running, and the
    temperature relatively cool. Our equipment produces a fair amount of heat."

    Ormond turned towards the voice and furrowed his brow slightly as a
    short Takaran stepped out of the throng of personnel, flanked by a pair
    of Bynars to the right and a lanky Vulcan to the left. "I apologize for
    our sudden arrival, commander. Time was not our ally; we actually
    departed Bynaus before final approval had even been granted."

    "Understandable. I've heard the Federation Science Council can move
    slowly at times."

    "Oh, not the Science Council. Next of kin. That was the trickiest
    part. Still, here we are." He smirked and clasped his hands behind his
    back. "Oh how rude of me. I am Dr. Ri'niq, Department of
    Xenopathology, Starfleet Medical. My Vulcan associate is Dr. Soval, and
    the Bynars to my left are 1010 and 1011." His companions nodded to
    Ormond, then went about their business. "My Bynar associates have
    assured me they will work to find more... 'user-friendly' names for
    themselves as soon as time permits. If for no other reason than to make
    things simpler."

    "Takarans, Vulcans, and Bynars? Quite a mix," Ormond thought as he
    watched the trio move away. "If I may ask, Doctor, what exactly are you
    looking to accomplish here?"

    "We are looking to save one of our own, commander. Well, one of your
    own to be precise. Several of us had been tasked with researching leads
    in a long-forgotten database when a potential technological advancement
    led us to the plight of a stricken officer. We believe we have the
    answer needed. Now, I would hate to seem rude, but I have to oversee my
    equipment. Good day, gentlemen."

    Ormond waited for the doctor to be out of earshot then looked to
    Vaughn. "One of our own? Who?"

    "You know as much as I do now," Vaughn stated flatly, then placed his
    hand on Ormond's shoulder. "We'd best give them a wide berth, for
    now." He carefully coaxed Ormond away from the conflagration and the
    two headed out of the department just as a Versailles cryogenic chamber
    made its way towards an examination room.

    =/\= To Be Continued =/\=

    Cmdr Jeffrey Ormond (NPC)
    Chief of Plant Operations
    Timmis Medical Complex, Atlantia

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